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mossi traore


Nothing predestined him in fashion. As a child, Mossi Traoré imagined himself more of a footballer than a stylist. But, very quickly, clothing becomes for him a means of expression, a way of building his personality. Born to Malian parents, he spent his adolescence in the city of Hautes-Noues in Villiers-sur-Marne.

Breaking with the dress codes of the city, he imposes his choices and especially the freedom to dress as he wishes. He then decided to devote his studies to fashion and in 2005 joined a training course as a fashion designer at the Parisian school Mod'Art International. Passionate about the world of Opera, he completed several internships at the Palais Garnier as a dresser. The opportunity for him to discover the mysteries and the actors of the Palace, which nourish his imagination. At the end of his studies, he continued his apprenticeship in fashion and sewing as a volunteer with an Indian seamstress installed at Gare du Nord and an African tailor with a workshop in the suburbs. At the same time as his studies, he became head of a department within a boutique for Giorgio Armani.

He travels a lot around the world, particulary in Italy, Africa and India to soak up and discover different cultures.

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